Client Start Year End Year
Subaru 2007 Current
Xcel Energy 2019 Current
Saputo Cheese USA 2022 Current
Bush's Beans 2019 Current
Garden of Life 2016 Current
BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse 2019 Current
USGA (United States Golf Association) 2023 Current
Formica 2015 Current
HI-CHEW 2023 Current
Honey Bunches of Oats 2023 Current

Come together, stand apart. That’s our how and our why, neatly wrapped up so we never lose sight of what we’re here to do every day: come together with the best people from every discipline to make the very best brand-building, culture-bending, business-altering work for our partners.

We’re fortunate to have the best of all disciplines here at Carmichael Lynch, from creative to PR, strategy to media, analytics and production, as well as a remarkable on-premise content studio. Whether a challenge is big or small, requires long-term planning or newsroom agility, those levers are at the ready.

It’s also how we work with our partners: together. We’re not big on dramatic work reveals here. We’ve found time and time again that working in tandem has led to better results, more surprising work, and a deeper understanding of what to do next.

All of which is in service of helping you and your brand stand apart. All the integration in the world is moot if it gets lost in a sea of sameness. Our brand partners are known to stand out from their competition, stand out from their categories, and maybe — most importantly — stand out in the hearts and minds of their audience and consumers. By doing so, they’re able to be not just observers of culture, but authors of it, too

  • Marcus Fischer

    Marcus Fischer

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Julie Batliner

    Julie Batliner

    President & Chief Growth Officer

  • Marty Senn

    Marty Senn

    Chief Creative Officer

  • John Green

    John Green

    Chief Financial and Operating Officer

  • Lachlan Badenoch

    Lachlan Badenoch

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Carol Haynesworth

    Carol Haynesworth

    Director of Multicultural Strategy & Inclusion

  • Neil Goodspeed

    Neil Goodspeed

    Media Director

  • Stacy Janicki

    Stacy Janicki

    Director of Account Management

  • Randy Hughes

    Randy Hughes

    Executive Creative Director

  • Milton Un

    Milton Un

    Executive Creative Director - Design

  • Grete Lavrenz

    Grete Lavrenz

    General Manager, Carmichael Lynch Relate

  • Katy Tenerovich

    Katy Tenerovich

    Director of Social Strategy