Buchanan's: 200% Nation


How does Buchanan’s, an immigrant whisky brand with a long and deep affinity with Latin America, connect with Hispanic Americans — the fastest-growing demographic in the USA? Growing up in the USA, Hispanic Americans are often asked “Are you American or are you Hispanic?” – making them feel they don’t belong to either culture.

We turned this tension into a superpower with "LA NACIÓN 200%”, a platform that celebrates the unique strength of being both 100% Hispanic and 100% American. We launched the idea at the 2022 World Cup, a moment where all Hispanic Americans express their identity. Together, we created dual heritage football chants, streetwear capsule collections, parties, told stories of duality with athletes, created films for each of the Hispanic countries that competed, and a $1 million fund to support new Hispanic American businesses. Enabling Hispanic Americans to feel proud and to be seen as 100% HISPANIC AND 100% AMERICAN and advanced the conversation around what it means to be dual heritage.