Client Start Year End Year
Aflac 2015 Current
Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2019 Current
Buffalo Wild Wings 2020 Current
Delta Airlines 2014 Current
InterContinental Hotels Group 2017 Current
Interface 2015 Current
Krystal Restaurants 2020 Current
Sweetwater Brewing Company 2018 Current
United Way 2019 Current
American Cancer Society 2018 2021

Dagger is decidedly Atlanta’s fastest-growing agency, a 2020 AdAge Small Agency of the Year (Southeast, Silver), and one of AdAge's 2021 Best Places to Work (#20, <200 employees).

What sets Dagger apart from most agencies is our outlook on what builds a brand in the post-disruption age. By “post-disruption” we mean post-proliferation of new media, of social media, of mobile technology, and the major shifts in consumer behavior even in the past five years. Dagger is an agency that was born post-disruption, and therefore doesn’t carry any of the baggage or antiquated habits most agencies carry as they’ve attempted to “evolve” into more modern shops. We’ve never had to teach ourselves a new language, because the language we speak - the language we’ve been raised on - is the one the modern consumer speaks.

At Dagger we believe that for brands to thrive, they have to succeed in an attention economy, and as such, we believe that brands have to act less like “brands” in the traditional sense and more like media companies. The media company mindset, which is all about creating content that wins the first and sometimes only battle that matters - the battle for consumer attention - means that our brand strategies are often brought to life through new media tactics alongside tried and true tactics like TV, because we engage the consumer where they are, and where that battle is won. Our brand partners know that we bring a decidedly different, thoroughly-modern approach to brand building that cuts through the marketing jargon and agency catchphrases, and delivers a plan that’s going to move the needle for your business.

Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans most of whom, admittedly, came up in the pre-disruption era, in most cases for at least a decade or more. But it’s a team that has made the conscious decision to embrace a new kind of philosophy, collectively shape it, and apply the most relevant pieces of their experience to it. We lead a 90-person staff comprised mostly of post-disruption professionals who, again, have never had to re-learn their craft or teach themselves a new language. At Dagger we believe we present a very clear and differentiated option for brands. If you’re looking for an agency that takes an individualized approach to each new project and client, whose starting point is modern consumer behavior, modern media, and modern technology, that's us.

  • Mike  Popowski

    Mike Popowski


  • Carla Paschke Guy

    Carla Paschke Guy

    Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Al  Patton

    Al Patton

    Chief Creative Officer