Belong - Augmented Reality App & Integrated Campaign - Carbon Thumbprint


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Mobile networks create half a million tons of CO2 each year in Australia. But only 8% of Australians are aware of it. Belong sought out to become Australia’s first carbon-neutral telecom provider. However, with such low awareness of the problem, how do you sell carbon neutral mobile & internet?

You show Australians their Carbon Thumbprint – a way for individuals to calculate the amount of CO2 their mobile data use contributes to carbon emissions. After extensive data & research, this AR solution helps people understand their impact by contextualizing that amount in the form of carbon blocks floating in the environment around them.

To drive people to the app, we created an integrated marketing campaign that consisted of ads that weighed the carbon impact of the media they sat within. Websites, video streaming, podcasts, and music platforms all generate emissions, and the ads remind users of that exact amount, in real-time. We also launched a television campaign that depicted ominous carbon blocks floating in Australia’s most pristine natural environments, similar to the way the app works.

With the Carbon Thumbprint, we not only raised awareness of a serious, environmental problem, but also provided people with a direct solution; to switch to Belong’s Carbon Neutral Mobile and Broadband.