Digital Acquisition Platform & Brand Campaign - Vitality

Case Study

  • Insurance
  • health and fitness app
  • lifestyle
  • life insurance
  • insurance marketing

Traditional life insurance products were a “set it and forget it” purchase, and only thought about in the unfortunate event that it was needed. The time between purchase and benefit typically could be decades apart.
John Hancock Vitality, was looking to differentiate themselves in this low-interest category, and drive new growth into this legacy business.
Our challenge was to find a way to break-through the clutter, put people in-market for life insurance and bolster John Hancock’s expanding sales channels from brokers to DTC.
We discovered our audience was passionate about living a healthy life and used this insight to develop a breakthrough and personalized campaign. We flipped the script on what life insurance is by co-opting the look and language of aspirational, athletic lifestyle brands.
We leveraged highly-contextual targeting with physical and geo-fenced placements along daily commutes to reach our audience in the right moments at the right time.
Our integrated campaign ran across TV, Print/OOH, digital and social, and included a digital acquisition platform that tied the entire customer/broker ecosystem together, so our audience was able apply directly with John Hancock or find an agent to work with.
+433% in quote completions
+25% in policies sold YOY
+30% in online quote starts
+97% in site visits