Client Start Year End Year
Jeep 2011 Current
Ram 2011 Current
The UPS Store 2001 Current
Bloomberg 2021 Current
JBL 2011 Current
Del Monte Foods Company 2017 Current
Amazon 2018 Current
Listerine 2020 Current
Tylenol 2020 Current
L.L.Bean 2021 Current

Hello. We’re Doner. Over 375 artists, capitalists, strategists and dreamers. We’re humbled to work with some of the most exciting brands in the world, including Jeep, Netflix, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, among many others. While our offices are in Detroit, LA and Connecticut, Doner sits at the intersection of Modern & Main Street. Which means, we’re able to help Main Street brands compete in the Modern marketplace – and we help Modern brands scale beyond the coasts.

We like to say we’re part magic and part machine. An inspired, internationally honored creative team provides the magic. The machine is an in-house production facility that can go toe-to-toe with any content production group in the country. We’ve dedicated 25,000 square feet of maker space inside our agency walls to produce the amount of modern content that brands need to thrive today.

One thing our clients instantly notice with us: we love data. We study it, embrace it, analyze it and turn it into actionable and sustainable strategic platforms. Platforms that inspire ideas that live across all channels – and incite action.

To best serve today’s evolving client needs, we created the Doner Partners Network. This seven-agency micro-network combines world-class expertise across a variety of disciplines – yet maintains a single and efficient point of contact for our clients. The DPN includes: Influencer Marketing firm Veritas in both the U.S. and Canada; Luxury and Lifestyle PR firm HL Group in New York and LA; Brand Strategy Agency KWT Global in New York, London and Toronto; Shopper Marketing firm 6Degrees in New York and Toronto; Creative Agency Yamamoto in Minneapolis and Technology and Creative Agency Union Advertising in Toronto and Montreal.

  • Katherine Moncrief

    Katherine Moncrief

    Chief Talent Officer

  • Naveen Passey

    Naveen Passey


  • Lauren Prince

    Lauren Prince

    President, Doner LA

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    Craig Conrad


  • David DeMuth

    David DeMuth