We are in the business of creating things. Ideas. Products. Services. And we’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to brands. We derive meaning and motivation from the work we do.

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive and the free spirit that comes with our world. And in an industry that has no rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference.

No job here is small, and the big-hearted and enthusiastic find a home among us. We build brands for the ambitious because we ourselves are ambitious.

We were founded in 1978 with one simple goal, to create work that helps ambitious clients grow their business, work that matters. Located in Seattle and Boise, Drake Cooper specializes in TRAVEL and TOURISM; OUTDOOR RECREATION; RETAIL; SOCIAL ISSUES; REAL ESTATE; FOOD/BEVERAGE; and HEALTH CARE. As a collaborative agency we are able to offer clients digital programing and design; programmatic media planning and buying; gaming and app development; account planning and services; film and video production all in-house. As a result, our clients enjoy the benefit of collaborating on every step of the journey.