• Forging a Bond with Hispanic Consumers | Energy BBDO

    Forging a Bond with Hispanic Consumers | Energy BBDO

    Almost as soon as the new administration took office and we saw a surge in anti-immigration rhetoric, predictions began surfacing of a Hispanic spending slowdown. People were speculating that this dynamic and growing segment of consumers was now staying home more and shopping less often.

    Energy BBDO, 04/12/2018

  • The 12 Best Outdoor Ad Campaigns of the Year – Adweek

    The 12 Best Outdoor Ad Campaigns of the Year – Adweek

    In advertising’s golden age, “outdoor” was a category essentially synonymous with billboards. And while there are certainly still a few creative boards on display in this year’s top winners at the Cannes Lions, most of the golds went to out-of-home ideas that push the edges of how marketers can engage passersby.

    Adweek, 06/28/2018

  • 86-Year-Old Gay Man Proves You

    86-Year-Old Gay Man Proves You're Never Too Old To Attend Your First Pride | HuffPost

    Martin hopes his journey will inspire young LGBTQ people. An 86-year-old photographer, he opens up about his decision to come out as gay as part of 5 Gum’s “No Regrets” online short film series. He said concealing his true identity for 85 years left him riddled with insecurities and self-doubt.

    HuffPost, 05/16/2018

  • Incredibles 2 promo for American Egg Board features how the animated stars enjoy their eggs | The Drum

    Incredibles 2 promo for American Egg Board features how the animated stars enjoy their eggs | The Drum

    It’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie came out, and the long-awaited sequel is wasting no time on brand integration, partnering up with the American Egg Board for a relaunch of ‘The Incredible Egg’ featuring some of the animated characters.

    The Drum, 05/31/2018

  • Pearle Vision

    Pearle Vision's New Campaign Is Fit For A King

    Matching a celebrity or athlete with a brand is not as easy as one may think. There needs to be a connection; a brand and cultural connection between the two entities. One brand nails it in their recent campaign.

    Forbes, 08/09/2018

Client Start Year End Year
American Egg Board 2017 Current
Extra 1984 Current
Kerrygold 2016 Current
Pearle Vision 2012 Current
Ziploc 2011 Current
Home Instead 2017 Current
Aleve 1997 Current
Windex 2014 Current
Orbit 2001 Current
ZTE, USA 2017 Current

Our role with our clients is to be an energizing partner—passionately delivering brand-defining ideas and outstanding creative work that grow their brands and business by building meaning in people’s lives.

We bring this meaning to life through a relentless focus on The Work. The Work. The Work., a powerful combination of evocative storytelling and innovative brand experiences.

Evocative storytelling starts with a brand idea that can elicit emotion, built from what people care about the most.

Like Extra, whose emotional stories show how meaningful connections between people can come from something as small as sharing a stick of gum.

Or Citracal, who showed women that beauty and strength are determined by their attitude, not their age.

We go beyond storytelling to create innovative brand experiences, allowing a brand to no only show people what it stands for, but also allowing them to be a part of it.

For LG, this meant inviting people to experience why “Life’s Good When You Play More” by giving them fun, highly sharable ways to play with the G5 smartphone and its peripherals (aka “friends”) on the brand website.

For Ziploc, this meant delivering hundreds of fun tips, tricks, and lifehacks across social media to show moms that Ziploc can help them contain the chaos of modern parenting.

To create these stories and experiences with speed, we turn to Flare, our in-house content studio designed to produce the type and volume of quality, efficient content modern marketers need to fill their content pipelines.

Through everything, we integrate creative data analytics to uncover powerful insights and opportunities where we can create more effective, engaging, and energizing work.

In the past year, our vision to energize people and brands led four of our clients to receive Effies for powerful creativity that drove their businesses forward—part of our role in making BBDO is the world’s most awarded agency network for creativity and effectiveness and AdWeek’s 2015 U.S. Agency of the Year.

  • Tonise Paul

    Tonise Paul

    President and CEO

  • Andrés Ordóñez

    Andrés Ordóñez

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jeff Adkins

    Jeff Adkins

    Managing Director

  • Larry Gies

    Larry Gies

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Josh Ehart

    Josh Ehart

    Chief Innovation Officer

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