Client Start Year End Year
The Coca-Cola Company 1953 Current
French's 2018 Current
MedExpress 2013 Current
Checkers & Rally's 2015 Current
Johnsonville 2007 Current
Synovus 2012 Current
Southern Company 2016 Current
Shoe Carnival 2018 Current
Mellow Mushroom 2020 Current
Buffalo Wild Wings 2020 Current

Our founder, Dave Fitzgerald, has a famous saying whenever someone asks how his day is going. His response? “Best day of my life.” He doesn’t just throw the line away. You really believe Mr. Fitz is making every day matter. He cares. It’s this eternal optimism that’s contagious throughout the halls of Fitzco.

We make our clients matter. Everyone from Coke to French’s to Checkers to MedExpress and many more. We make work matter. Not just because it brings homes Effies and Lions and Pencils. But because it completes our visions of becoming the destination marketing agency for big thinkers and doers.

These thinkers and doers are our FitzFam. They’re our people. And they care deeply, learn continually and push creatively to deliver unconventional business solutions. That’s our mission at Fitzco. That’s what making it matter is all about.

  • Dave Fitzgerald

    Dave Fitzgerald


  • Evan Levy

    Evan Levy


  • Ryan Boblett

    Ryan Boblett

    Head of Creative

  • Claire Russell

    Claire Russell

    Head of Media

  • Stephanie Hanley

    Stephanie Hanley

    Head of Account Management

  • Jeff Quick

    Jeff Quick

    Head of Growth