Client Start Year End Year
Papa Johns 2023 Current
Chili's 2023 Current
Zappos 2022 Current
Wells Enterprises (BombPop, Blue Bunny, HaloTop) 2021 Current
Truth Initiative 2018 Current
Hertz 2022 Current
The Dairy Alliance 2022 Current
Seagate Technology 2020 Current
Santander Bank 2019 Current
San Jose Airport 2019 Current

KEY STRENGTHS: As a Business Agency, we bridge the best of a few different worlds. Integrated is the idea, and the objective is simple. Make work that drives the business. Work that’s relevant and scalable has positive ROI and moves people. You don’t get there without an understanding of the business, data, and audiences. Our ambition is to be the smartest solution for the smartest marketers on the planet. We look at everything through this lens, from whom we hire to work with and learn from. Our business and data-driven way of working has made us agile enough for whatever clients need, smart enough to approach brand problems as business problems first, while always being rooted in a solid, integrated foundation, fostering a way of collaborating that is unmatched by our peers.

Advisory: Solving complex organizational challenges through Advanced Analytics and Insights, Marketing and Brand Transformation, Agile Change Management, and Marketing Technology Consulting.

Story: Bringing business insights to storytelling and experience through Brand
Strategy, Identity and Graphic Design; Integrated, Social, and Content Marketing Campaigns; Product and CX Design (Mobile App, Web, eCommerce); Production (Audio, Video, Animation, Print, Photography); Technology and Software Development, PR (Earned Media).

CRM (owned): Scaling CRM through brand and data-driven creative using Customer Journeys, Deep Technology Expertise, Proven SMART CRM System, and Channel Orchestration and Optimization.

Media (paid): Moving people through an audience-focused approach using Data-driven Media and Audience Planning, Media Buying across National, Local, and Programmatic, Digital Shopper, eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO/SEM, and Measurement, Attribution, Reporting and Optimization.

Data & Tech: We tap our proprietary tools and team of engineers to leverage the latest in Ad Tech and Mar Tech technology; First-party Data Strategy; AI/ML Model Creation.

Our business is grounded in data – we lead with science. Unlike most agencies, we are ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified, which means we can safely and securely handle first-party data, including HIPAA-sensitive information. We also have invested in and built our own marketing tech stack made of proprietary offerings and platforms, namely ASK GALE and ALCHEMY, to help us get to insights that drive business outcomes. Once we’ve made sense of the data, our creative and media teams work hand in hand with our data scientists to help us execute systematically.

ASK GALE is our consumer research capability. When clients want to measure or understand customer behavior that isn’t tracked or apparent in their own data, custom research from ASK GALE can fill in the critical gaps. We enrich first-party data with customer surveys to capture key variables like demographics, perceptions, attitudes, needs, interests, etc. Then, we reach a network of third-party survey panelists of over 5M Americans, ask specific questions to make decisions with confidence. Then we combine both qualitative and quantitative research to understand the drivers and the barriers to behaviors we want to change.

ALCHEMY is our Gartner-ranked Customer Data Platform (CDP) that rapidly organizes a brand’s first-party data, including a customer’s transactions, interactions, and behaviors. We can also enrich this information with third-party content, like location and census data, to develop a more robust customer view. This data (because everyone has data) provides marketers with a 360-degree view that can be used to speak to customers in the most relevant way.

If they even have access to client data, most agencies rely on third- party platforms to surface revealing data insights. That’s slow, time consuming, and expensive. Having our own research and data tools together allows us to answer quickly and intelligently some of our client’s most complex marketing problems.

  • David Norton

    David Norton


  • Marsha Paulter

    Marsha Paulter

    Head of Business Operations & Talent Acquisition

  • Brad Nunn

    Brad Nunn

    Head of Media Strategy

  • Linda Platt

    Linda Platt

    Head of National Media Investment

  • Patty Hobel

    Patty Hobel

    Global Head of People

  • Tessa Banks

    Tessa Banks

    Head of Creative Production

  • Erin Lyden

    Erin Lyden

    Head of Consumer PR

  • Robyn Cauchy

    Robyn Cauchy

    Director, Customer Insights and Research

  • Ben James

    Ben James

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Vu Pham-Tram

    Vu Pham-Tram

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dina Rizkalla

    Dina Rizkalla

    Global Program Management

  • Jason McCann

    Jason McCann

    Executive Creative Director

  • Geoff Edwards

    Geoff Edwards

    Executive Creative Director

  • Winston Binch

    Winston Binch

    Chief Brand & Experience Officer

  • Sanjay Krishnamurthy

    Sanjay Krishnamurthy

    President, GALE India

  • Lindsay Bennett

    Lindsay Bennett

    Global Head of Marketing

  • Ken Huang

    Ken Huang


  • Andrew  Noel

    Andrew Noel

    Managing Director

  • Sophia Zhang

    Sophia Zhang

    Managing Director

  • Brad Simms

    Brad Simms

    CEO & President