• Insights | Hero Digital

    A full list of our latest news and insights across the agency.

    Hero Digital, 10/04/2022

  • Reducing CX Friction with Content

    Reducing CX Friction with Content

    Use content to increase customer satisfaction, improve conversions, and build brand loyalty.

    Hero Digital, 05/08/2023

  • The Customer Intelligence Mosaic

    The Customer Intelligence Mosaic

    Read this report to discover the tangible ways Customer Data Platforms improve customer data collection, safeguard privacy, and drive next-level personalization.

    Hero Digital, 03/20/2023

  • Progressive Personalization Playbook

    Progressive Personalization Playbook

    Create digital experiences that truly enhance people’s lives. Hero Digital’s Progressive Personalization Playbook gives you the tools to align with your customers’ values, help them with their decisions, and make them feel heard and understood.

    Hero Digital, 03/06/2023

  • The Path to Customer Obsession

    The Path to Customer Obsession

    Read this report to discover tangible strategies for accelerating your customer focus, creating bullet-proof value for those you serve, and building test-and-learn systems everywhere in your company.

    Hero Digital, 01/03/2023

Client Start Year End Year
Airbnb 2021 Current
Cedars Sinai 2022 Current
Comcast 2016 Current
Jefferson Health System 2018 Current
Masonite 2022 Current
UNC Healthcare 2020 Current
U.S. Bank 2015 Current
Zoom 2022 Current
AmeriGas 2018 Current
Atlantic Health Systems 2023 Current

Hero Digital is a leading independent digital customer experience company leveraging strategy, design, technology, marketing, and data, to solve the critical digital transformation needs of the Fortune 1000. Hero Digital's purpose is to bring moments of Truth & Beauty into people's lives by creating customer experiences that are good for people and good for business. Hero Digital's blended teams help Fortune 1000 companies like Comcast, U.S. Bank, Salesforce, Twitter, UnitedHealthcare, and TD Ameritrade Institutional invent, transform, and perform to deliver new business value.

  • Ryan Noel

    Ryan Noel

    SVP, Alliances

  • Arun Kumar

    Arun Kumar

    EVP, Data & Insights

  • Jerry Orabona

    Jerry Orabona

    EVP, Technology

  • Danielle Rossi

    Danielle Rossi

    Managing Director, East

  • Georgina Morgan

    Georgina Morgan

    Managing Director, West

  • Erin Lynch

    Erin Lynch

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Kenneth Parks

    Kenneth Parks

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jay Dettling

    Jay Dettling


  • David Harrelson

    David Harrelson

    Managing Director, Central

  • David   Kilimnik

    David Kilimnik

    Chief Development Officer, Company Founder