Client Start Year End Year
Public Services Electric and Gas (PSE&G) 2021 Current
PSEG 2022 Current
Pepco Holdings, Inc. 2012 Current
Baltimore Gas and Electric 2009 Current
CDC 2017 Current
PPL Electric Utilities 2021 Current
ComEd 2018 Current
Delmarva Power 2012 Current
National Cancer Institute 2016 Current
DTE 2009 Current

Why ICF? Why now?

The future of energy is unclear. Policies are changing almost as fast as people’s expectations. Short of a crystal ball, you need a partner who can help you win now, and build for what’s next. Someone who blends experience and expertise, with insight and innovation. Change is everywhere. You need more than just a guide. You need someone who can help you transform with confidence.


We are ICF. A proven full-service marketing and advertising agency, working within a prestigious utility consultancy.

We put all of our energy into energy. All day. Every day. Because it matters to our clients, the communities we call home, and the planet we all share.

We are a diverse crew of strategists, data analysts, creatives, and behavioral scientists. We know what motivates people. And how to connect with them in authentic ways.

For decades, we’ve been helping energy brands build trust, navigate change, and execute campaigns to deliver solid business results. We’ve worked with more than 50 utilities across the country while reaching one out of every six adults in America.
No one knows utility customer better/people

The future of energy is changing everyday. No one’s more prepared to lead you, every step of the way.

Choose ICF. Transform with confidence.

  • Nancy  Caplan

    Nancy Caplan

    Senior Vice President, Marketing

  • Sabrina  Blaiklock

    Sabrina Blaiklock

    Vice President, Marketing

  • Matt Silverman

    Matt Silverman

    Senior Partner, Integrated Communications

  • Larry Guerrero

    Larry Guerrero

    Executive Media Director

  • Vetry Ramachandran

    Vetry Ramachandran

    Group Creative Director