Client Start Year End Year
American Kennel Club 2023 Current
Heaven Hill Distillery 2017 Current
True Food Kitchen 2023 Current
ShurTech Ducktape | Duck Brand 2023 Current
Kalamazoo Grills 2018 Current
University of Michigan Credit Union 2021 Current
Dryel 2023 Current
Glisten 2023 Current
Atlas World Group 2020 Current
Lunazul Tequila 2017 Current

We create the breakthrough human experiences that make your brand matter more.

At Leap Group, we’ve spent decades refining our human-first approach to marketing less, driven by a passion for understanding how people think and make decisions. Our proven process allows us to uncover key human insights and create truly impactful experiences that will make your brand matter – and matter more to more customers.

Leap Group is an independent advertising and marketing network with 4 specialized agencies: (amp), (human)x, (matter) and (spark). A bespoke holding company within reach, we’re the only holding company designed from a client’s perspective, with agencies that intentionally complement one another, not compete with. We provide a consolidated approach - simplifying access to our agencies in a seamless and collaborative structure. Our hybrid model makes it easy for you to have it all or only what you need.

Leap Group has delivered breakthrough campaigns for clients in the healthcare, CPG + retail, finance + insurance, e-commerce + tech, food + beverage, manufacturing + B2B and government industries. We’re proud to have certified women-owned and LGBTQ+ owned agencies within Leap Group.

  • Ember Marr

    Ember Marr

    Principal, (spark)

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Principal, (amp)

  • Joel Warneke

    Joel Warneke

    Co-Principal, (matter)

  • Michael Wunsch

    Michael Wunsch

    Principal, (human)x

  • Greg Fehrenbach

    Greg Fehrenbach

    Co-Principal, (matter)

  • Walter Harris

    Walter Harris

    VP of Client Services

  • Kenny Friedman

    Kenny Friedman

    VP / Executive Creative Director

  • Ruby DeWitt

    Ruby DeWitt

    VP, Media Strategy

  • Dr. Timothy Sauer

    Dr. Timothy Sauer

    VP of Research and Consumer Strategy

  • Kristen Haws

    Kristen Haws

    Director of Experiences

  • Daniel Knapp

    Daniel Knapp

    CEO / Co-Owner

  • Alan Gilleo

    Alan Gilleo

    CMO / Co-Owner

  • John Rivers III

    John Rivers III

    Agency Fit Consultant