Client Start Year End Year
Priority Health 2014 Current
General Motors 1934 Current
Chevrolet 2013 Current
Ameriprise 2015 Current
ALDI 2009 Current
Travel Michigan 2006 Current
GM Fleet 2016 Current
GM Corporate Brand 2001 Current
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSDHA) 2016 Current
MGM 2015 Current

Why us?

At McCann Detroit, we believe in finding the underlying Truth about a brand. And we believe in the power of a compelling story. When you combine those two things, you create something truly magical. That’s been our themeline for over 100 years. Why is the Truth so important to us? Well, we see too many brands trying to be something they’re not. But for a brand to be successful, it must leverage what they really are, rather than what they think they are.

The Truth comes from many places. From within your company. From your customers. From the cultural backdrop. Or from the competitive environment. Our strategic process starts inside your brand, discovering equities, stories and plans that connect with the hard data surrounding your business. Because the Truth lives in data, observations and real-life experiences.

We don’t erase the past in hopes of creating something new and exciting. Instead, we search for the “wow, that’s us.” That idea you’ve been dancing around but maybe never quite articulated.

This is what we do. We find the truth about a brand and we tell it well. This is the process we use to get millions of vacationers to visit Pure Michigan - without once showing the typical laundry list of attractions. And, we use to fill millions of ALDI shopping carts - without a single sales promotion.

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