Client Start Year End Year
Epilady 2024 Current
Eventide 2024 Current
Discover 2006 Current
Nestle 2019 Current
California Gold Nutrition 2022 Current
Rithm Capital 2023 Current
Continental Tire 2017 Current
JitJatJo 2022 Current
Colonial 2018 Current
Rent-A-Center 2020 Current

MCD is a top digital marketing and digital experience agency. We focus on the entire digital customer experience, helping organizations design, build and market products and services that millions of people use every day. Founded in 1999, we’re a close knit team of creative, technology, strategy and media professionals offering digital business strategy, digital marketing, UX, branding, creative + content, media + analytics, and full stack development. We have offices in New York City, Rochester, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

  • Megan Nora

    Megan Nora

    Director, Business Development

  • Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee

    Design Director

  • Joel Albert

    Joel Albert

    Director, Technology

  • Tom  Simpson

    Tom Simpson

    Director UX

  • Heather Howes-Noto

    Heather Howes-Noto

    SVP, Director Client Services

  • Wasim Choudury

    Wasim Choudury

    Partner, Chief Operating Officer

  • John Caruso

    John Caruso

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Ian Magnani

    Ian Magnani

    Partner, Chief Relationship Officer

  • Rob Kriauciunas

    Rob Kriauciunas

    Creative Director

  • Patrick Lane

    Patrick Lane

    Director, Media & Analytics

  • Sylvia Flores

    Sylvia Flores

    Director, Production

  • Ron Kimberling

    Ron Kimberling

    Executive Producer

  • Ron Wessels

    Ron Wessels

    Creative Director