Client Start Year End Year
Allstate 2010 2011
Minute Maid 2008 2012
Direct Energy 2010 2013
Department of Defense 1999 2014
MD Anderson Cancer Center 2008 Current
AIG 2012 Current
Planned Community Developer 1998 2010
US Family Health Plan 1999 2014
University of Houston 2002 2008
Perry's Steak House 2004 2015

The way consumers engage with brands is constantly evolving.

In today’s connected world, it is no longer the brand that controls the conversation. Instead, the evolution of digital technology has put the power in the hands of the consumer. Consumers now have the ability to choose which messages they want to see. They skip. They block. They fast forward. They demand personalized and authentic content when, where and how they want it.

No longer can brands shout a message and expect consumers to hear it. To reach these always-connected consumers in a meaningful way, brands must stop bombarding them with ads and superiority claims. Instead, brands must authentically build relationships by engaging with their consumers directly on the platforms, in the places, and at the times they choose.

At MMI, we leverage the power of this connected social world to engineer meaningful conversations between brands and their consumers. We do this by diving deep into the digital footprints of these consumers in order to gain relevant insights into their behavior: the places they go, the things they say, and what really drives them. Mapping these human truths and emotions enables us to craft conversations that will truly affect consumer behavior. By combining human understanding with specific actionable insights, we connect with consumers who matter in the moments that matter to them. We orchestrate lasting relationships by creating meaningful conversations and experiences between great brands and their consumers.

  • Cindy Marion

    President and Founder

  • Benjamin Spiegel


  • Brooks Boenig

    VP Account Services

  • Kate Thomas

    VP Delivery

  • Dorian Rozas

    VP Finance