Client Start Year End Year
Ace Hardware 2015 Current
Burger King 2022 Current
Constellation Brands US 2022 Current
Ferrara Candy Company 2021 Current
Home Chef 2017 Current
Illinois Office of Tourism 2019 Current
Marco's Pizza 2022 Current
Metro by T-Mobile 2023 Current
Michaels Arts & Crafts 2023 Current
P&G 2021 Current

Sales today, brand today is our belief – you can see it in our model and feel it in our work. It starts with our overall position of “Big Brand Creativity; Startup Ingenuity” and delivered in each of our four unflinching principles:

1. Be nimble. Be quick. Be prolific.
Real-time adaptability in both operating structure and creative output is a competitive edge in today’s environment.

2. Practice "the high art of selling."
Proactively embracing the selling of a client’s product or service as the centerpiece to a creative solution.

3. Put the "agent" in advertising agency.
We break down boundaries and work with the best writers, designers, digital artists and filmmakers who choose to operate more independently than ever before.

4. Have soul.
Consumers have to first feel it, if we expect them to ever believe it or act upon it. Soul is the great x-factor in everything.

  • Tom O

    Tom O'Keefe

    Founder / Chief Executive Officer

  • Nick Paul

    Nick Paul

    Founder / President

  • Matt McNulty

    Matt McNulty

    Executive Creative Director

  • Ben Pfutzenreuter

    Ben Pfutzenreuter

    Executive Creative Director

  • Betsy Ross

    Betsy Ross

    Head of Client Business

  • Elena Robinson

    Elena Robinson

    Head of Production

  • Nate Swift

    Nate Swift

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Rahul Roy

    Rahul Roy

    Chief Client Officer

  • Natasha Kesaji

    Natasha Kesaji

    Head of Business Development

  • Brenda Donahue

    Brenda Donahue

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Avigail Schlosser

    Avigail Schlosser

    Chief Financial Officer