Client Start Year End Year
American Family Insurance 2015 Current
Abbott 2017 Current
Bristol-Myers Squibb 2020 Current
Cartier 2017 Current
Charter Communications 2011 Current
Eli Lilly 2018 Current
ExxonMobil 2002 Current
Galderma 2021 Current
Hilton Worldwide 2022 Current
Ikea 2014 Current

We are the agency focused on the individual. We are Fiercely Individual. For more than 50 years, RAPP has been building direct, meaningful and high-value relationships between brands and people. Our expertise in data, marketing sciences provides our clients with a rich understanding of genuine motivations, observed transactions and actual interactions — leading to digital experiences that are right for individuals with personalized needs across the entire customer journey.

  • Anne Marie Schiller

    Anne Marie Schiller

    Global Chief Client Operations

  • Ursula Marchese

    Ursula Marchese

    Global Chief Talent Officer

  • Thibault Dargeou

    Thibault Dargeou

    Global Chief Technology Officer

  • Devin O

    Devin O'Loughlin

    Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Communications Officer

  • Steve Takla

    Steve Takla

    Global CFO

  • Afua Basoah, DPhil

    Afua Basoah, DPhil

    Head of Health Strategy, UK

  • Courtney De La Pena

    Courtney De La Pena

    SVP, Consumer & Market Intelligence Solutions

  • Erica Kraus

    Erica Kraus

    Head of Health Strategy, NA

  • David Anders

    David Anders

    Head of Business Development

  • Shiona McDougall

    Shiona McDougall

    Global Chief Strategy Officer

  • Marco Scognamiglio

    Marco Scognamiglio

    Global CEO

  • John Wells

    John Wells

    President, RAPP US