We are the agency focused on the individual. We are Fiercely Individual. For more than 50 years, RAPP has been building direct, meaningful and high-value relationships between brands and people. Our expertise in data, marketing sciences provides our clients with a rich understanding of genuine motivations, observed transactions and actual interactions — leading to digital experiences that are right for individuals with personalized needs across the entire customer journey.

  • Marco Scognamiglio

    Marco Scognamiglio

    CEO, RAPP Worldwide

  • Matt Hafkin

    Matt Hafkin

    CFO & COO, RAPP Worldwide

  • Jessie Kernan

    Jessie Kernan

    EVP, Applied Data & Strategy, RAPP Worldwide

  • Addison Deitz

    Addison Deitz

    EVP, Director of Global Operations and Client Support, RAPP Worldwide