Client Start Year End Year
Honda 1974 Current
Acura Dealer Associations 1999 Current
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation 2019 Current
Farmers Insurance 2010 Current
CoStar Group 2022 Current
Marathon 2022 Current
La-Z-Boy 2007 Current 2022 Current 2014 Current
Red Lobster Restaurants 2022 Current

At RPA, we have a simple tenet we live and work by: Respect & Results.

RPA is first and foremost a culture of respect—respect for our people, our clients, our clients’ customers, the audience, and the work.

The way we go about creating work for our clients is through and with respect. That makes us true growth partners. We respect our clients and make their goals our goals. Yes, our work is memorable and breakthrough, but what’s most important is that it’s effective. That it grows our clients’ business and directly leads to real, tangible business results.

We feel that a genuine interest in people and their well-being is far too rare in ad agencies. And while other agencies claim to be interested in results, rarely are they focused on metrics that matter. Those real business results, the sort that matter to a board of directors and a company’s bottom line, are our specialty.

We don’t do this for awards or fame or the short-term. Our bottom line is yours.

  • Pete Imwalle

    Pete Imwalle

    President / Chief Executive Officer

  • Brett Bender

    Brett Bender

    EVP / Chief Operating Officer

  • Jim Helberg

    Jim Helberg

    EVP / Chief Media Officer

  • Joe Baratelli

    Joe Baratelli

    EVP / Chief Creative Officer

  • Tom Kirk

    Tom Kirk

    EVP / Chief Client Officer

  • David Berne

    David Berne

    EVP / Chief Strategy Officer

  • Fern  McCaffrey

    Fern McCaffrey

    SVP / Executive Account Director

  • Laura Small

    Laura Small

    SVP / People Director

  • Rebecca Mendelson

    Rebecca Mendelson

    SVP / Group Account Director

  • Brian McCord

    Brian McCord

    SVP / Executive Director, Media Strategy

  • Mia  Von Sadovszky

    Mia Von Sadovszky

    SVP / Group Strategic Planning Director

  • Lisa Herdman

    Lisa Herdman

    SVP / Executive Director Strategic Investments

  • Mike  Margolin

    Mike Margolin

    SVP / Chief Experience Officer

  • Hillary Haley, PhD

    Hillary Haley, PhD

    SVP / Executive Director, Behavioral Science

  • Tim Woo

    Tim Woo

    SVP/Executive Group Director, Marketing Intelligence

  • Paul  Thompson

    Paul Thompson

    VP / Business Development