Facebook Portal - The Fastest Man with No Legs [Digital Video]

Facebook Portal


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Portal From Facebook connects Blake Leeper to his support network after he was disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics. Born without legs, Blake Leeper never saw himself as disabled. Against all odds, he would surpass every hurdle in his life, and eventually become a multi-time champion. Set to become the second Paralympian to run with the able-bodied team in the 2020 Olympics, Blake waited patiently as the games got pushed to 2021. However, in April of 2021, a ruling committee decided that his prosthetics gave him an unfair advantage. One of the fastest athletes in the world would not compete in Tokyo.

In this Olympic campaign for Portal from Facebook, we dive into the aftermath of Blake's verdict and show how the support of our loved ones can always be there during the most challenging times of our lives. Director / Editor Einar Thorsteinsson, who has worked closely with Blake for years, shot the spot, and brought together the people who matter the most from across the country to give Blake the support he needs to keep on moving forward.