Since its start in 1958, Sanders\Wingo has grown from a local agency to a national presence. We provide solutions to advertising and marketing challenges for businesses large and small throughout Texas and the United States. By combining authentic consumer insights with global-caliber business practices, Sanders\Wingo turns brands into institutions and short-term objectives into long-term brand growth.

Sanders\Wingo is an agency obsessed with human nature and human behavior. We offer our clients insights into how people actually make decisions — rather than wishful thinking or blind allegiance to data. To us, consumers don’t buy products. Rather, people make choices.

Our agency lives to inquire, invent and influence. We seek out creative ideas and opportunities in media (and beyond) to disrupt and delight the lives of our clients’ audiences. We choose our clients carefully. Our work is powerful, and we unleash it for brands and products we truly believe in. We trust our instincts and we maintain high standards. If we commit to something, we take it all the way.

As our CEO, Leslie, always says, “People matter.” Our agency is a collection of thinkers, dreamers, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, moms, dads, brothers and sisters. We push each other hard and we pick each other up. We are all different, and those differences make us strong. We come from unlikely locations and offer fresh and wide-ranging points of view.

We are a spirited and impatient group. But that stems from our passion for what we do and the work we create. In the end, we strive to be the best partner you will ever have. This partnership inspires trust, respect and honesty; it is a productive partnership that sparks results. It’s a relationship wherein we teach each other, challenge each other and win together as one force, one team.

Sanders\Wingo is a business with its own budgets, plans and timelines. Every dollar and every minute count. For our partners, we perform as though their business is our very own. We stay later, try harder and obsess over every detail — not because we have to, but because we want to. We are looking for that kind of partner.