Client Start Year End Year
Charter Communications 2016 Current
Cherry 2017 Current
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2016 Current
Marla Aaron 2019 Current
Montecito Bank and Trust 2016 Current
Nasdaq 2017 Current
Sallie Mae 2019 Current

At some twist or turn your best laid plans are going to fall apart. Doesn’t matter why. What matters is whether you picked an agency that you trust and, even better, like. You want people who can look at you when Rome is burning and smile because they’ve been there before, solved it before and know it’s all going to work out great. It’s comforting. Crazy, but comforting. That’s who we are.

From strategy to creation to execution, across every discipline, there isn’t a bunker we haven’t been in or a problem we haven’t solved. That is rare. No matter how simple or complicated the brief, or how small or large the budget, we figure out how to make great work.

We can be small or we can be big. As lean as our core seven or (for our feature film) as large as one hundred. We never simply choose the first people who are available for a project, we choose those who are right for the project. Working with us never gets stagnant or complicated. Clients always have diverse, talented people who can actually give them what they need.

  • Patti McConnell

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner

  • Tommy Henvey

    Co-founder and Chief Creative

  • Richard Ryan

    Creative Director

  • Meghan Linehan

    Director of Accounts

  • Geoff Ollwerther


  • Marianne Waldron

    Production/General Manager

  • Garrett Crabb

    Special Ops