Client Start Year End Year
Nissan 1987 Current
Travelers 2016 Current
Hilton Hotels 2018 Current
Mountain Dew 2020 Current
Raytheon 2020 Current
Henkel 2020 Current
Abbott Laboratories 2020 Current

We are TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and we are The Disruption® Company.

We believe Disruption is the antidote to incrementalism. We wrote the book on Disruption (5 of them actually) and we see Disruption as a powerful tool that lets you wield change to your advantage. The process is simple but powerful. We look at what everyone else is doing and identify the opportunity they're missing. We then come up with a Disruption Platform — which guides not only communications, but brand behaviors and customer experience. The result: A valuable market opportunity. A distinctive, unified platform that guides every interaction and touchpoint. In other words, market domination.
Disruption is at the core of our strategic and creative development process. It’s how we do business every day.

Our never-ending mission to break away from convention, to find the new space for our clients to grow and to establish a creative point of view that attracts an unfair share of the world's scarce attention is unlike any other “creative” agency. It's unlike others because we have a very distinct point of view as to how to get to great creative. We need to generate impactful strategies for our clients, ideas and approaches that are single-minded and daring enough to inspire new thinking and fresh behaviors.

We get to Disruptive strategies by establishing the incremental view of growth for the category (the Convention), how the brand can own a greater share of the future (the Vision) and then identifying the brand platform and experience ecosystem that facilitates the vision (the Disruption) to help us accelerate toward that vision. We explore the conventions of your category and beyond: You can’t beat the competition by doing the same. By identifying the conventions of a client’s marketplace, we can identify what rules need adhering to and, vitally, which we can break. These ladder up to an ambitious vision for growth.

Disruption needs the curious, the creative, the restless, the inquisitive, the “I won't settle” types. It requires talent with a point of view backed by rigor. It requires more than just a creative department. It requires a creative company. To our current and prospective partners it’s very clear that we are not interested in being “the norm.” There is no sustainable future in that mindset. We want to lead the market for our partners. We want to establish the new “new.”

  • Nancy Reyes

    Nancy Reyes

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Amy  Ferguson

    Amy Ferguson

    Chief Creative Officer

  • James Sowden

    James Sowden

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Shannon  Nunn

    Shannon Nunn

    Managing Director

  • Ben  Myers

    Ben Myers

    Chief Marketing Officer, North America

  • Amie Miller

    Amie Miller

    Chief Talent Officer

  • John  Doris

    John Doris

    Head of Production

  • Sophia Barnett-Wiltshire

    Sophia Barnett-Wiltshire

    Head of Operations