Client Start Year End Year
Paddletek 2018 Current
Indiana University 2018 Current
Hotel Tango Distillery 2018 Current
High & Mighty 2014 Current
Upland Brewing 2013 Current
Goodwill Industries 1998 Current
Farm Bureau Insurance 2009 Current
Brizo 2003 Current
Trane 2016 Current
Speedway 2017 Current

We help brands take a stand.
A lot of brands don’t know what they stand for. Either they stand for nothing—or they try to stand for so many different things that their messages get muddled. As a result, they wind up indistinguishable from everybody else in the category.

Problem is: if people don’t know what you stand for, they’ve got no reason to choose you. So we help companies find focus. We start by working with clients to discover that hard-to-pin-down idea at the core of their brands. And once we’ve found it, we help them rally around it.

We work collaboratively—with our clients and each other—to develop compelling, effective creative. The kind that looks and sounds unlike anything else in the category. It plants a stake in the ground. It comes through loud and clear in a noisy world. And it works. Because once you know what you stand for, your brand can truly stand out.

  • Tom Denari

    Tom Denari

    President & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Carolyn Hadlock

    Carolyn Hadlock

    Executive Creative Director, Principal

  • Paul Knapp

    Paul Knapp

    CEO, Principal

  • Lindsey Warner

    Lindsey Warner

    Vice President, Media

  • Shannon Quinn

    Shannon Quinn

    Vice President, Media