Rockin' Protein - #NeverSettle


While Rockin' Protein is the best tasting pre-made protein drink on the market, they are faced with limited national brand and product awareness. Additionally, as Rockin' Protein is made with real milk this product is not shelf stable, requiring it to be constantly refrigerated. In a category dominated by CocaCola and PepsiCo products/budgets and sold in the coolers rather than center aisles, Rockin’ Protein faced an uphill consumer experience battle. We needed to bring a full-service approach to bear on. With deep strategic insights, we found a key takeaway: Our performance minded audience isn’t willing to settle on their own performance, so why should they have to settle on a protein drink that doesn’t taste good? With that, we activated creative, production, design, media, and The Exchange , our own in-house influencer network, to bring the #NeverSettle campaign to life. This campaign launched in early March of 2023 and is still in market today. As a result of #NeverSettle, Rockin’ Protein has not only seen significant sales growth but massive increases in return on ad spend, brand engagements, and where to buy conversions.