When a brand’s journey complements a consumer’s, magic happens. So we make it happen every day. By unlocking key insights within each journey, we create emotionally charged, culturally relevant, right-time, right-place ideas. We’re a fearlessly inventive, full-service agency that not only delivers a big idea—we get phenomenal results to match.

  • Kevin Wertz

    Kevin Wertz

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kari Shimmel

    Kari Shimmel

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jo Shoesmith

    Jo Shoesmith

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jari Auger

    Jari Auger

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sal Taibi

    Sal Taibi

    President, NY

  • Zenaida Torres

    Zenaida Torres

    Managing Director, LA

  • Jamie Lewis

    Jamie Lewis

    Managing Director, Digital

  • Jamie Rubin

    Jamie Rubin

    Managing Director, Media