Gateway Health - Brand Identity Transformation & Campaign Launch - Wholecare


A leader in the healthcare category, Gateway Health was known for their strong community presence and emphasis on social determinants of health. After years of facing a strictly regulated and highly competitive market, Gateway was struggling to breakthrough the category. In order to differentiate and gain considerable market share, they needed to thoroughly understand what resonated with members.

To connect with this hard-to-reach audience, we conducted in-depth, in-person interviews in with member and employees, and used learnings to create data-backed audience profiles. Following multiple rounds of audience testing, our strategy was to disrupt the status quo by introducing Gateway a new kind of care to the people that need it most.

And so, “Wholecare” was born. Wholecare encapsulates Gateway’s benefits in a relatable and easy-to-understand way, touting the brand as a support that looks out for every aspect of a patient’s life. We built the Wholecare identify from the ground up and amplified the brand’s new strategic foundation with a national, omnichannel campaign.

The new brand concept and visual identity distinguished Gateway as a trusted leader in managed care for the communities that need it the most. The brand rollout was a huge success internally, and the freshly-launched creative campaign is already showing promising early results.