HP "Something You Can Trust"

Hewlett Packard


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Despite being the market lead for printers, HP was falling behind on its Tank printer sales to Epson who owned 88% of the Tank market share. To win back the Tank category, we found that HP's leadership in the printer market meant that 20% more people found them to be more trustworthy than the printers from other competitor brands.

We planted our flag firmly in trust with simple, hyper-relatable vignettes that juxtaposed the myriad things in life that you can’t trust with HP Smart Tank printers: the one product that’ll never let you down.

We created a highly repeatable formula: starting with an untrustworthy scenario and answering that with the trusted HP Smart Tank. The campaign's scenarios: like sketchy gas station sushi, a faulty GPS, and a too-good-to-be-true email scam, served as relatable foils to America’s most trusted printers. Our Something You Can Trust campaign came to life through :30s, :15s, :06s, radio spots and organic social assets, as well as mid-funnel assets that told the same story and drove viewers to make a purchase.