Spectrum Mobile - Brand Launch

Charter Communications

Case Study

How to turn late-to-market to your advantage.

Learn from others’ mistakes.
Play to your strengths. Being late to the game means you get to see what everyone else is doing wrong and fix it. So that’s what Spectrum did. Took every aspect of mobile that people hated (or were tolerating) and simply did it better.

We’ll fix that for you.
Call out each brand new mobile idea (with the emphasis on brand) in an entertaining way. A fair price. No hidden fees. No sales pressure. Bring your own phone. That long list of positive changes is undeniably a better way to mobile. And that was the launch campaign.

A better way to mobile was a better way to sell.
The campaign launched and supported Spectrum Mobile from day one and has evolved to keep Spectrum Mobile the fastest growing mobile provider in the nation.