Spectrum Mobile - Retail Done Right

Charter Communications

Case Study

How to win a price war, when you don’t have the lowest price.

You have a $29.99 mobile plan.
Your competitor has a $5 mobile plan. How do you win that price war? By not fighting a price war. Instead, you turn it into a value war.

People love a deal.
But a $5 mobile plan only gets you a $5 network, $5 service and $5 support. With Spectrum Mobile your $29.99 gets you a billion dollar network, stores, experts, security and more. It’s no contest. So we crammed that billion dollar network, all those added extras and as many mentions of the price as we could, into every spot. But we did it in a charming and watchable way.

Awareness rocketed.
And, most importantly, sign-ups rocketed. Retail done right.