Sweet Loren's - Taste Buds

Case Study

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When the #1 natural cookie dough brand in the U.S. asked us to grow their business from a niche market of allergy-free eaters, to a wide audience of people looking for better-for-you options, we jumped at the opportunity to sink our teeth in.​

Sweet Loren’s had a loyal following among their narrow, core segment of costumers with dietary restrictions that “had to have” their product. But the real opportunity to increase growth rate and penetration required targeting the “want to have" audience who was looking for a better-for-you cookie but weren’t willing to sacrifice on taste – so we developed a campaign that hit the sweet spot on both.​

Consumers today want cleaner, non-GMO products that​
are still stacked with flavor – and they want to buy from brands that are inclusive of all people. But could 100% clean ingredients really taste irresistibly delicious? And could we rally sweet-tooth consumers and health-conscience foodies around the movement for natural food? We threw down the gauntlet to find out and started by taste-testing Sweet Loren’s for ourselves … and it turns out, the answer was a resounding yes.