Armor All - National Brand Campaign


  • TV/Video
  • Digital
  • Brand Strategy
  • launch
  • Automotive
  • brand awareness
  • energizer

Armor All, a brand with a long heritage and strong brand equity needed to regain relevance in the category. Brand awareness was already high, but to drive consideration (and conversion) they needed to give car owners a reason to choose Armor All, and appeal to a new generation who thinks of Armor All as “my parent’s brand.”

To assert relevance and integrate the brand into consumer consciousness, we leveraged Armor All’s strengths in innovative technology, ease of use and superior quality. We developed a creative platform to highlight the product strengths, while simultaneously tapping into the universal fear of all car owners— unexpected spills, dirt, dust and messes in their cars.

The integrated campaign was launched across broadcast, digital and social, It brought new life into the brand, making the brand top of mind for consumers and reminding them why it’s been the #1 car care brand for years.

Messaging outperformed historical benchmarks & category norms:
Brand linkage: +42%
Brand memorability: +122%
Message linkage: +65%
Ad likability/overall appeal: +18%
Purchase intent linkage: +45%