Client Start Year End Year
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority 1980 Current
Las Vegas Raiders 2017 Current
NHL (National Hockey League) 2016 Current
Allegiant Air 2013 Current
Discover Puerto Rico 2019 Current
Intermountain Healthcare 2000 Current
The Boeing Company 2005 Current
Topgolf 2016 Current
SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment 2018 Current
Facebook 2018 Current

Founded in 1974, R&R is a legacy, full-service, independent brand innovation agency; a band of relentless brand advocates who have – from our inception – collaborated with our clients as a true partner. It’s in our name, and we own it every second of the day. We are purpose-driven marketers, content makers, people movers and culture shifters. We are masters of business transformation. We launch, refresh and accelerate brands, visions, products and movements. A creative collective beholden to no one but our clients. Deterred by nothing but the status quo. We’re in this to do more than make ads – we’re in this to leave the world a better place than we found it, which is the driving force behind our company’s culture and foundation. Change perspectives, change minds, change behavior, change lives. That’s our purpose.

And our work is defined by one thing: the unmatched outcomes and impact we deliver every day.

What makes us different?
We start with the outcome. Before we create a strategy or move a pixel, we dive headfirst into your business. We take a fresh look at your target audiences, influencers, competitive alternatives and category communications. Subsequently, all strategies and tactics will tie back to achieving and exceeding your goals.

Information is not an insight.
There’s data, and there’s insights that lead to action. We understand the difference and uncover the ones that motivate your target audiences. You’ll never hear us say it’s about a single audience or tool. Instead, we create a single set of brand values, leveraged at every touch point on the communications landscape.

Constant measurement. Constant adjustment.
Market conditions can change instantly, especially in an on-demand, social environment. What doesn’t change is the absolute need to be accountable. Using sophisticated data analytics, we track and assess the impact of our work in real time. We look at multiple inputs, including awareness data, channel behavior, category trends and consumer attitudes to create a complete picture of what’s happening in your varied and diverse markets. Because informed moves are the moves that optimize your communications and deliver results.

So, go ahead. Dream big. Be demanding. Challenge us.

  • Arnie DiGeorge

    Arnie DiGeorge

    Executive Vice President

  • Justin Gilbert

    Justin Gilbert

    Vice President, Strategy & Insight

  • Michelle Mader

    Michelle Mader

    Senior Vice President, Business Operations

  • Catherine Cole

    Catherine Cole

    Vice President, Public Relations

  • Amberlee Engle

    Amberlee Engle

    Vice President, Client Partnerships

  • Pete Ernaut

    Pete Ernaut

    Chief Government Relations Officer/Partner

  • Brian Hoar

    Brian Hoar

    Chief Marketing Officer/Partner

  • Matt Mason

    Matt Mason

    Chief Strategist/Partner

  • Fletcher Whitwell

    Fletcher Whitwell

    Chief Media & Publishing Officer/Partner

  • Mya Kelly

    Mya Kelly

    Vice President, People & Culture

  • Michon Martin

    Michon Martin


  • Billy Vassiliadia

    Billy Vassiliadia

    Chief Executive Officer/Partner