BrewDog - Any F*$%ing Time

Case Study

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BrewDog is one of the largest craft brewers in Europe but was​
a newcomer to North America. To launch its line of alcohol-free beers in the States, we helped them upend the craft beer sales model and expand to an entirely new market.​

Challenge the typical conventions for drinking a craft brew by sourcing business from non-beer occasions. To drive awareness and demand, we repositioned the new alcohol-free beers as an alternative to any beverage choice, not just other beers. So rather than competing for social moments when you reach for​
a beer, we suggested an alcohol-free (AF) beer as an alternative for any occasion where you reached for any drink – especially ones when a beer might be inappropriate. ​

With our test-and-learn discipline, we used a phased approach allowing BewDog to “earn while we learn.” In the See phase,​
we closely monitored initial consumer interactions to ensure​
the campaign was optimized both at the performance level and on the messaging front. We employed our audience discovery approach, deploying an initially limited investment in programmatic media against known audiences.